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Dedicated Server USA:

CPU Storage RAM IPs Bandwidth Monthly
AMD Sexcore 2x1TB 16GB 1 20TB $45
AMD Dual Opteron 2216 146 GB SAS 4GB 1 20TB $38
Dual Opteron 2210 1x1TB 4GB 1 20TB $44
Quad Dual-Core Opteron 8220 500 GB SAS 32GB 1 20TB $74
Dual Intel Xeon 5150 500 GB 8GB 1 20TB $44
Xeon E3-1220v1 240 GB SSD 32GB 1 20TB $63
Dual Intel Xeon 5080 1x1TB 16GB 1 20TB $74
Dual Intel Xeon 5520 1x2TB 24GB 1 20TB $89
Intel Core E3 1230v2 2x2TB 32GB 1 20TB $141
Xeon E5-2620 2x2TB 64GB 1 20TB $254
Intel Core i3 -3220 1x2TB 16GB 1 20TB $38
Intel Core i7 -2600 1x1TB 16GB 1 20TB $45
Intel Core i5 -3570 1x2TB 16GB 1 20TB $53
Intel Core i7 -3770 1x2TB 16GB 1 20TB $68
Intel Core i7 -3930K 1x2TB 16GB 1 20TB $149
Intel Core i7 -3930K 2x2TB 32GB 1 20TB $224
Intel Core i7 -3930K 2x240 GB SSD 16GB 1 20TB $209

1 Gbit/s bandwidth
Full Root Access
Delivery Server is between 1 to 72 hours
There the possibility of providing additional Ip(ip Select the required number in the order form)
You can select the operating system on order form
By default, the server is unmanaged
If you require a package outside of the above packages, please contact us via Tickets
*Price in 2018 is updated

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