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Fully serviced server hardware, on highly available networks, and cared for by professional staff.The use of powerful hardware and brands.quality high efficiency in providing dedicated servers

99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Intel Xeon 64bit
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please select your desired service down below:
Linux VPS-3
CPU: 3 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 3 GB
Storage: 200GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Linux VPS-4
CPU: 4 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 4 GB
Storage: 300GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Linux VPS-5
CPU: 6 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 6 GB
Storage: 400GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Linux VPS-6
CPU: 8 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 16 GB
Storage: 500GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Linux VPS-7
CPU: 10 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 32 GB
Storage: 1TB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Please Keep In Mind That:
You can select the operating system on order form
By default, the servers are unmanaged
If you require a package outside of the above packages, please contact us via a Ticket
dedicated server

Superior Uptime

Our servers are placed in TIER III+ Datacenter with high-end power supply, Prime Security and Reliable network speed. Do not worry about increasing traffic to your Website. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth with Our VPS hosting plans.


Performance and Instant Setup

Our VPS hosting plans are built on SSD Based Servers to increase your Business growth 20x faster and handles any load. We do not let you wait in queue for your hosting service. All VPS hosting Services are deployed instantly once payment received.

dedicated server

Effortless Scaling with no downtime

we hit the spot to gratify your needs with zero downtime. Do not fuss yourself by altering any of the configurable options or moving of files or databases.


Buy Offshore Hosting Online

Now, bitcoin can be used to buy VPS hosting online. Hostuserver is a cheap offshore VPS provider online that helps you get high-quality cloud servers. We provide speed, scalability, privacy, and security to make sure you enjoy VPS hosting and set a prominent online presence. We always focus on providing dependable hosting solutions with high virtual server reliability. With us, you can buy VPS with bitcoin online and enjoy a safe payment option. Our virtual server is built for speed and performance. No matter what your web hosting needs may be, we will surely provide you the best solutions in the veil of VPS hosting.

We always guarantee an excellent experience and bring success to your online business. We are the US-based VPS hosting provider that helps you take complete control of your server easily and quickly. We make sure there is no risk involved when you start your journey with Hostuserver. We have come up as a trusted platform that focuses on maximum speed and stability for you. You can buy Offshore hosting Online at affordable prices now and enjoy a top-class performance. Apart from this, we bring you the security with a bitcoin payment option. Now, connect with us and let us give you the best server solutions.
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