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Fully serviced server hardware, on highly available networks, and cared for by professional staff.The use of powerful hardware and brands.quality high efficiency in providing dedicated servers

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Intel Xeon 64bit
RAID mirror
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Windows VPS-1
CPU: 1 Core Xeon 64bit
Ram: 2 GB
Storage: 50GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Windows VPS-2
CPU: 2 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 4 GB
Storage: 90GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Windows VPS-3
CPU: 3 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 8 GB
Storage: 120GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Windows VPS-4
CPU: 4 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 12 GB
Storage: 200GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Windows VPS-5
CPU: 6 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 16 GB
Storage: 250GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Windows VPS-6
CPU: 8 Cores Xeon 64bit
Ram: 32 GB
Storage: 400GB SSD
IP Adresses: 1
Bandwidth: unlimited
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Please Keep In Mind That:
There is the possibility of providing additional IP Addresses(1$ per extra IP)
You can select the operating system on order form
By default, the servers are unmanaged
If you require a package outside of the above packages, please contact us via a Ticket
dedicated server

Superior Uptime

No aspect left uncovered to ensure the interminable functioning of your website. We provide 100% uptime to provide peace of mind aboutthe accessibility of your sites at any time.



We Perceive the importance of assistance when needed, that is why our qualified personnel is ready to help you 24 hours a day to respond quickly and promptly with the utmost respect.

dedicated server

Effortless Scaling with no downtime

we hit the spot to gratify your needs with zero downtime. Do not fuss yourself by altering any of the configurable options or moving of files or databases.


Cheap windows RDP Provider Online

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