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DirectAdmin control panel for Linux hosting is the best.Features a very powerful, yet simple and flexible.The economy is also very affordable.

Directadmin license :

    • Directadmin License

    • $5.85/Month

    • $50.85/Annual

    • $150/Lifetime

      • Use in VPS or dedicated server
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Features and functionality:

1- You can enter any IP network and any data center.
2- Free change the IP address
3- Free Change Operating System
4- If you wish to install free
5- (Optional) Insert your name in the name of the license -Brand licensing (once $ 5)
6- Download Free Last update
7- Delivery between 30 minutes to 12 hours

DirectAdmin offers greatly enhanced security through a combination of strengthened backend code, and many new utilities which allow you to provide fine grained security policies for your hosting account. These numerous enhancements make it extremely easy to keep your website locked down tight.
DirectAdmin is the most user-friendly control panel in the web hosting industry. With auto configuration Email, web based file manager, backup wizard, database wizard and one click script installations DirectAdmin is the number one choice for managing your website with a click of a button.
Website Statistics Menu:
See visitors that come to your site. Find out where they're coming from, how long they are staying, and what pages are viewed the most. You can also get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly visitor statistics about the people that visit your site.
DirectAdmin interrogates the easiest control panel in the world into a seemingly awesome design. Easy to follow intuitive layout helps you control your account hassle free and comfortable control your account hassle free and comfortable.
Users can easily create, modify, and delete MySQL databases from this menu.
Users can install SSL certificates, view sever information and installed perl modules, set cron jobs, mime types, and apache handlers, and enable site redirection and domain pointers.
*Price in 2018 is updated

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